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Everything You Need to Know About the EPA and DEF

Regulations put in place by the EPA are an important part of Victory Blue’s establishment as a company. This means that the EPA, including its history and current actions, is extremely important to us. We’d like to share with you the history of the EPA as well as why they are vital to the protection […]


5 Easy Ways You Can Help the Environment

We all want to make sure that our children have a good, clean world to inherit. With everything that we have to do to make sure that the world is clean, it can sometimes be very overwhelming to try and help the environment. There’s no time in our busy schedules that are full of errand […]


Victory Blue’s 4 Tips on Selling Without Being Pushy

When a salesperson starts to come off as pushy or makes the situation uncomfortable for the buyer, they have failed their purpose. Instead of being of service to the buyer, they’ve become obsessed with their own agenda. Using an agenda to push a sale at a buyer is one of the biggest mistakes that any […]


Victory Blue DEF Defined

This post also appears on on Fleet Risk Management‘s blog! You should check it out. Fleet Risk Management is a great company dedicated to providing insurance to the trucking industry!   Saving the Earth is no easy task. As portrayed in comic books, superhero movies, and TV shows, saving our planet always seems to take […]


Victory Blue’s DEF American Adventure Pt. 3

Hello! This is the concluding post about my DEF American Adventure, so make sure you read the previous blog post to be completely updated! Glacier National Park was truly an incredible experience. I did a lot of hiking, explored an area of North America that I had never seen before, and I got to camp […]


Victory Blue’s DEF American Adventure Pt. 2

I’ll be continuing from where I left off last time, so make sure you read the previous blog post! The night spent in Colorado was a short one, since I left immediately the following morning. The last town I went through on my way out of Colorado was a very interesting town called Dinosaur. There, […]


Victory Blue’s DEF American Adventure Pt. 1

Lying awake in the darkness of my room, I counted down minutes as the hour of my departure ticked ever closer. I knew I should be asleep, but my excitement was mounting. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I found it impossible to still the rapid beating of my heart or the fluttering thoughts within […]