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DEF Closed Loop System

The proper handling and care of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has numerous benefits for every user along the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the end user. The maintenance of DEF purity isn’t just important for those involved in the supply chain, however. DEF purity is also extremely important to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Compliance with ISO 22241 standards results in reduced NOx emissions and therefore a cleaner environment, which is why it is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure the proper handling and care of DEF. Of course, SCR technology also provides an estimated 2-10% increased fuel economy, more power, less maintenance, and a more efficient engine service life. So what’s one of the best ways to ensure the proper handling and care of DEF? The answer lies with the DEF closed loop system.


How does it work?

The end goal of all DEF manufacturers is to deliver consistent DEF purity in an efficient and economical way. Achieving optimal DEF purity is a team effort along the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the packager, distributor, dispenser, and finally the owner/operator. Thus, every member of the supply chain must focus on maintaining purity. Part of this is protecting the DEF closed loop system. In the DEF closed loop system, the integrated container valve system is sealed and secured throughout the service life of the container. From fill to dispense, the container is consistently kept sealed. This protects the DEF from any form of foreign contaminants. Additionally, it is sealed automatically with a spring actuated coupler and valve system, which helps to keep the container closed to contaminants. Lastly, the DEF closed loop system provides secure tamper evidence, which protects the packaging integrity as well as each member of the supply chain.

What are the options?

The DEF closed loop system offers multiple container size options. This variety of container package sizes enables the distributor to provide the perfect packaging solution to fit their particular needs. The three container sizes offered with the closed loop system are the 55 gallon drums, the 275 gallon totes, and the 330 gallon totes.

Additionally, there are three economic distribution options: one way, return and refill, and onsite refilling. Of these three, the one way totes are the least practical and the less likely to protect the purity of the DEF. One way requires the container package to be used once, emptied, and then disposed/recycled. Victory Blue does not use one way totes. Instead, we use the returnable/refillable totes that can be returned, refilled, and reused at either an off-site refill location or an on-site refill location. In this case, the DEF closed loop system is used, which is more likely to protect the purity of the DEF. When refilling the container, Victory Blue only charges for the amount of fluid added to the container, not the amount the container can hold. Therefore, there is no need to break the seal to try to get the last bit of DEF at the bottom. Victory Blue’s method of refilling protects distributors from paying for more fluid than they need.

Further questions about DEF purity, or the DEF closed loop system, please contact us today.