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Quality Service … The Dying Art

Last week, we discussed why quality DEF is important as well as how Victory Blue provides quality service. Continuing on that thread, we’ll be discussing quality customer service with Victory Blue’s premier customer service representative, Christine Patterson.  Read on to discover how Victory Blue offers quality service to all customers from the one person who knows quality service intimately!

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Q: What do you believe defines quality service?

A: I believe quality service is when you are able to meet or exceed customer expectations. While meeting customer expectations is the minimum required of quality service, I think that exceeding expectations should be the goal of any company that wants to consistently provide quality service.

Q: Why do you believe quality service is a dying art?

A: The truth is that everything today has become automated. When you call a company, you are more than likely directed to a machine rather than a person. This means that the personal, human element is no longer present in customer service. To provide quality service to your customers, you have to be able to identify the problems of your customers and solve them personally, rather than direct them from machine to machine. I believe that providing quality service means being responsible to the customer, which means giving the company a voice.

Q: What are some ways you personally ensure quality service?

A: I personally make sure that all customer complaints are handled in a timely manner. Additionally, I make sure that any problems that the customer has are solved to the best of our ability, which means relying on others within the company. Customer service is a team effort, so we have to make sure that we work together to provide quality service. Essentially, I personally pull resources in order to ensure that the customer is taken care of.

Q: Why do you believe customers use Victory Blue?

A: Customers use and will continue to use Victory Blue because we can provide them not only with a quality product but also with the ease of delivery, multiple locations, and excellent, qualified service.

Q: How do you handle problems?

A: I handle them quickly and professionally. I want to make sure that the customer feels like they have a home in the company that they have chosen to work with, which is why I try to understand their problem thoroughly before attempting to solve it. I believe that providing a great support unit for them provides success for us.

Q: What do you think is the priority of customer service?

A: In customer service, a certain level of professionalism, timeliness, and thoroughness when dealing with ordering or product issues are the main priorities. Within our industry specifically, however, quality service often focuses more on timeliness.

For companies that want to succeed, it is important to offer more than a quality product. Quality service is also required in order to make sure customers are completely satisfied. Victory Blue is proud to have such a wonderful customer service team that is passionate about providing quality service to all customers. The dedication of our customer service is what drives them to be consistently able to provide customers with quality service.