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The Top 7 Ways to Go Green in the Office

You may recycle at home, and you may drive a clean, green diesel, but you might not realize how much waste is actually produced in an office! While advancements in the green movement have paved a path to a more environmentally conscious future, there is still a lot to be done in the present. There are a lot of ways to clean up your carbon footprint, but read on to learn the top seven ways to go green in the office!

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1. Use Electricity Wisely!

Remember that leaving your computers, printers, photocopiers, and other electronic equipment on after you’re done for the day is a waste of energy! Turning off these electronic products doesn’t just help the environment- it also saves you money! Keep them turned off until you need them again. Check all computers and monitors to make sure that they are set in an energy efficient mode. If products are in an energy efficient mode, then you don’t have to do very much to make sure you go green in the office. Additionally, remember to turn off the lights if you’re leaving the room for more than a few minutes, like when you’re headed to a meeting or if you’re done for the day. Again, this helps you to go green in the office as well as to save money!

2. Follow Your Three R’s!

Remember: reduce, reuse, and recycle! Most offices have a paper recycling program where papers are shredded and then recycled, but there’s more to recycling than that! Recycle plastics, including water bottles. Better yet- don’t use water bottles! Consider everything that is used by the office- do you need Styrofoam cups by the coffee pot? Or can everyone bring their own reusable mug? Can you use the other side of the used sheets of paper you’ve thrown in the recycle bin for notes? Use the Three R’s to go green in the office!

3. Stay Safe: Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products!

If your office has a cleaning company, encourage them to use green cleaning products. Using green products is a great way to contribute to going green. Additionally, they are much better for your health since you are not breathing in chemicals that can be harmful to humans.

4. Refurbished!

While this might be counted under the three R’s, it is important to make sure this is distinguished. Instead of buying brand new furniture, try to reuse older furniture or furniture that has been refurbished. Similarly, you can replace your phone system with one that has been refurbished to be greener.

5. Check that AC!

If you’re a southern-based company like us, then you know the necessity of air conditioning. Heat exhaustion is a serious issue during the summer, and air conditioning is one of the best ways to stay cool. However, this doesn’t mean that the air needs to stay on when the office is empty. Make sure that, just like when you turn the lights off when you leave, you also either turn off the air conditioning or put it to a temperature that will make sure you’re saving both on money and on being green.

6. Buy Green Products!

Buying green products doesn’t just have to be associated with cleaning products. A great way to go green in the office is to purchase recycled materials like recycled paper or recycled cups. If you can’t get rid of the water bottle addiction, then use water bottles that have less plastic in them. Doing so will help you to reduce your consumption rate.

7. Recycle your E-Waste!

Another great way to go green at the office is to recycle your electronics. Many companies go through a new phone and a new laptop in two years. But what to do with the old electronics? Throwing them away can cause serious issues in landfills, since they contain toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, and even sometimes arsenic. Recycling is part of the three R’s, but recycling E-waste is especially important!

Being green has never been easier. There are other ways for you to help the environment, but it’s nice to know that being green isn’t just restricted to being at home. Luckily, with SCR technology and diesel exhaust fluid, it’s also never been easier to drive a clean, green car. Diesels burn clean when they use DEF, so check out Victory Blue today!