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Victory Blue, A History

You can read about the history of any company on their About Us page, but can you really understand a company from that quick blurb? The date of establishment of a company doesn’t reveal much about the people who decided that creating this company was their dream. There aren’t many companies out there that inspire excitement and loyalty in their employees, but Victory Blue is one of those rare companies that does both. The determination to leave a behind a better world was part of the inspiration that led to the creation of Victory Blue, a company committed to producing quality products and services.


The origins of Victory Blue actually begin with three members of the American military. Three F-18 fighter pilots attended several tours in the Middle East and each time upon returning to American soil they became more and more determined to end American dependence on foreign oil. The importance of moving America toward independence from foreign oil also led these three F-18 fighter pilots to get involved in the biodiesel market. To this end, they came together to buy a biodiesel production facility. They quickly realized that they had collocated with demand instead of supply, so they ended up going to the biggest biofuels producers in America and these producers contributed to them becoming one of the largest distributors of biodiesel fuels in the United States.

All of this you can find out if you talk to a Victory Blue employee, or check out our homepage. What you may not know is that these three F-18 fighter pilots created this company in their living rooms. There were many days of anxious waiting and desperate hoping. Determination to succeed led to relationships with the biggest biofuels producers, which was what led to big travel centers coming to the founders of Victory to discuss how impressed they were with Victory for being a company that was conscientious about the environment. They also discussed an emerging product called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This introduction of DEF led to the creation of Victory Blue.

Victory Blue is extremely excited to be a part of the Green Movement as an environmentally conscientious company. We believe that we should all leave our planet better than when we came into it. Our presence as a Green Company will be, we hope, an inspiration to other companies to become more and more Green over time. To this end, we recycle any papers that aren’t archived. Additionally, we’ve begun a recycling program at our headquarters to ensure that anything labeled for recycling is recycled. It’s not often that companies can point to a specific reason for their existence, but we believe that cleaning the air is one step along the path to a better world for future generations which is why we encourage all companies to “Drive with Confidence. Drive with Victory!”


If you have any questions about what we do, where we are, and what we can do for you, please contact us today!