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Victory Blue DEF Speaks on the Extreme Truckers Show

Victory Blue DEF
Victory Blue is proud to announce that David Crouch, Director of Sales and Marketing for Victory Blue DEF, will be speaking on the Extreme Truckers Show on August 08, 2013 at 10:45 PM EST. The Extreme Truckers Show airs every Thursday night at 10:30 PM Eastern Time with over 50,000 unique weekly online listeners and over 100,000 archived listens. This is an incredible opportunity for Victory Blue to explain about Victory Blue DEF and our company’s philosophy. We will mainly be focusing on where Victory Blue DEF is stored, how much it costs, how available it is and will be in the future, as well as what it does for the average trucker and what happens if they don’t have it! Additionally, Crouch will discuss Victory Blue’s position in the marketplace and what separates Victory Blue from our competition.

We are very excited to participate and we hope that you will listen in as Crouch discusses DEF and SCR tonight!

The Extreme Truckers Show™