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Victory Blue in Review, 2013

Entering a new year seems to lead to reflection of the past one. Though 2013 is gone and 2014 is ahead, it’s important to remember the big changes that occurred in the past year. For Victory Blue, these major changes helped propel Victory Blue into the spotlight in the DEF world. As we look forward to the new year, we find ourselves extremely grateful to our customers for constantly supporting us, our vendors for providing us with exceptional service, and our employees for giving their best every day of the year. So what major changes have occurred for Victory Blue, or for DEF in total? Read on to find out!

This year, Victory Blue grew by quite a lot. The sales team was expanded to provide more coverage for our customers. The new sales members were able to immerse themselves in their territories very quickly. Each sales team member was able to provide support and education to current customers. We are proud that we were able to count on each team member to provide the necessary service to our customers. Their presence across the United States proved to be extremely successful for our company as more and more orders poured in. Because of our sales team, we are able to provide small-company support and service while working on a large-company scale. This has been one of our goals since the inception of our company. We have always wanted to ensure that our customers understand that we’re focused on taking care of them, and the expansion of our sales team allowed us to continue to provide outstanding service.

Victory Blue didn’t just expand our sales team in 2013. We also expanded our partnerships. By strategically partnering with major companies like Univar and C F Industries, we have expanded our ability to meet the needs of our customers. These companies are leaders in their industries, and their partnerships will enable Victory Blue to pursue the top spot in the DEF market.

The transportation industry grows with each passing year, and 2013’s transportation growth correlates with the increase in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) sales. Every year results in more and more gallons of DEF being sold. The EPA mandate ensures that dirty diesel exhaust emissions are cleaned up more and more each year. In previous years, most OEMs, fleet owners, and truck stop owners did not really understand what DEF was or why it was important to their futures to invest in it. 2013 marked the first year in which the tide had turned; many more people were educated on what DEF is and what it does for them this year than any other.

With trade shows attended, a sales team hired, and a determination to succeed, Victory Blue wrapped up the year with one of the highest volume months achieved so far. In our opinion, there was no better way to finish out a greatly successful year than to achieve the most successful month of gallons sold so far. 2013 is finally done, and 2014 looms large in our vision. Read on Friday about what the trucking industry can expect of 2014, and welcome to the New Year!