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Victory Blue’s 4 Tips on Selling Without Being Pushy

When a salesperson starts to come off as pushy or makes the situation uncomfortable for the buyer, they have failed their purpose. Instead of being of service to the buyer, they’ve become obsessed with their own agenda. Using an agenda to push a sale at a buyer is one of the biggest mistakes that any salesperson can make. Pushiness, above anything else, is what drives a buyer away. There are ways to make a sale without pushing at the buyer. The attempt of every salesperson should be to get the buyer to a natural “yes.” The goal of a salesperson actually shouldn’t be the sale. It should be the ability to completely and totally be of service. This is not what many salespeople are told, however, so they end up being very pushy. Helping the buyer navigate the decision-making process is what separates the good salespeople from the bad. The point is, care about the customer.

Selling, Selling, Selling!

Selling, Selling, Selling!

Try to watch what you say to the customer during the interaction. You can guarantee that you’re not pushy if you make sure that anything you say is what you wouldn’t mind being said to you. You must care about the customer, and follow these four simple tips:

One- Sell the Benefits, Not the Features

There’s such a thing as too much. Often, salespeople will end up overloading customers with too much information about the specifications and features of their products, but they don’t let the customers know how the product will improve their lives. Customers care less about the special features of a product and more about how the product will be able to help them in the end. Sell the benefits over the features, and you might be surprised at how many more sales you make.

Two- Build Rapport

Nothing is as necessary as building rapport when it comes to customer-sales relations. This isn’t just important in selling, it’s important to make relationships with people you’ll be working with frequently. This takes out that pushy nature since you are able to discuss normal things with the customer and then gradually lead into your sale. Customers like people they can trust and they like purchasing from people they like! You will be a much more effective salesperson if you can build rapport.

Three- Don’t Be Desperate

We all know someone who’s desperate, and that desperate nature does not come off well in sales. Salespeople who seem desperate make customer anxious and make customers not want to do business. This desperate air around salespeople can also seem duplicitous to the customer. Remember that no matter how worried or nervous you are about the sale, the sale isn’t about you. The sale is about building and maintaining a relationship with the customer.

Four- Ask for the Sale

It’s not dishonest or rude to ask for the sale. Asking for the sale is your job, and the customer knows that. You’re not being pushy by asking for the sale, but you are being pushy if you try to force the customer into the sale. You want to make sure that the sale is a good fit for your customer as well as yourself. Address any objections the customer might have. Remember, the sale is your responsibility so you should be the one to wrap it up.


If you have further questions about what it means to sell without being pushy, feel free to contact Victory Blue! Additionally, check out what it is that we sell, diesel exhaust fluid! We hope you contact or comment with any questions!