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Victory Blue’s Commitment to Quality

Yesterday, we discussed DEF quality. Today, we’ll be continuing the theme of quality with a focus on Victory Blue’s quality control and assurance programs. First, it’s important to understand that quality control is defined as a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification. However, quality control isn’t limited to products. It can also apply to services. Essentially, companies use quality control to meet customer requirements, ensure product satisfaction, and guarantee a dependable output. The control is important to determine that the output being provided is of overall top quality. Read on to discover how and why Victory Blue is committed to quality.

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Why Focus on Quality?

Quality is important to companies for many reasons. For Victory Blue, focusing on quality is important to establishing name recognition/branding, maintaining a position against the competition, and ensuring continual customer satisfaction. Victory Blue implements quality control in order to find faults or problems with products or services prior to distributing them. This allows for a great relationship between Victory Blue and their customers. Additionally, ensuring that the products and services of Victory Blue meet or exceed the industry requirements allows us to be more successful and continuously improve.

How Does Victory Blue Maintain Quality?

In addition to following ISO 22241 specific guidelines with regards to quality requirements, test methods, and handling, transportation, and storage, Victory Blue has also created a comprehensive quality assurance program by integrating stringent quality controls throughout the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) manufacturing and distributing processes. From supplier selection through delivery of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and ultimately filling small to bulk containers, Victory Blue meticulously monitors every step in order to meet quality assurance.

Victory Blue collaborates with suppliers, customers, and even competitors to set up an accountability program where all members of the program can send their finished product to member labs for analysis. This allows Victory Blue to compare the testing results from internal labs with those of other member labs. Furthermore, Victory Blue works with no less than three ISO certified labs to confirm the results of internal testing. Victory Blue’s partners are part of how quality assurance is met. Victory Blue incentivizes suppliers to provide quality raw materials, in order to produce quality final product. To this end, all suppliers (foreign and domestic) must follow a comprehensive testing regimen for all of their supplied raw materials.

Victory Blue has also developed strict protocol for traceability and chain of custody that allows for the isolation of the source/cause of the reported out-of-spec product. Since Victory Blue retains samples of every batch created in our facilities and each batch is branded with a traceability code to determine when and where it was manufactured, it is easy to compare the sample of the reported out-of-spec product with the original sample of the original batch. In fact, the quantity of the retained samples is enough for internal re-testing as well as outside testing.

How Does Victory Blue Ensure Quality Externally?

In order to ensure external quality, Victory Blue’s distributors must undergo rigorous training requirements where representatives from Victory Blue teach our customers as well as their customers (the end-users). This training, known as DEF University 2013, is important to developing the education of the DEF market as well as the technology that goes into selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Victory Blue also brings in experts like process engineers from other firms to ensure that we are using the best practices to get DEF into the marketplace. Victory Blue uses Professional Engineers to oversee the design and construction of all facilities in order to ensure the efficiency of the process and the quality of the equipment.

Victory Blue has also successfully navigated the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) for multiple OEMs, further demonstrating the successful implementation of our quality assurance program. We have regular site inspections by senior leadership and engineering teams in order to make sure that each facility meets the strict standards for the manufacturing and distribution of DEF. As a veteran-owned and led company, we are driven toward a quality guarantee. The mindset of Victory Blue is one of accountability, quality, and safety as imperative to every aspect of the processes required for manufacturing and distributing quality DEF. We have also implemented contingency plans in the event that we receive raw materials that don’t meet ISO 22241 specifications.

If you have any questions about the quality of DEF or how Victory Blue maintains quality, please contact Victory Blue. We encourage everyone to contact us and see how our product can meet and exceed your standards for quality DEF as well!

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