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Victory Blue’s DEF American Adventure Pt. 2

I’ll be continuing from where I left off last time, so make sure you read the previous blog post!

The night spent in Colorado was a short one, since I left immediately the following morning. The last town I went through on my way out of Colorado was a very interesting town called Dinosaur. There, they had giant moldings of dinosaurs throughout the town and even little dinosaurs on the tops of their street signs. In fact, even the streets were named after dinosaurs! Here I was, visiting an area that scientists believed once held dinosaurs. Although I was sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful state, I knew that I had a lot more driving ahead of me before I’d be able to stop again for the night. So, waving goodbye to the awesome town of Dinosaur, I set my sights on Utah.


At the intersection of Stegosaurus and Fourth St., I knew I had to take a picture!

At the intersection of Stegosaurus and Fourth St., I knew I had to take a picture!

Utah was the first state in my journey that I had never been to before. I had always heard that people were surprised when they entered Utah for the first time, but I never understood why until I finally entered. I was amazed to find that Utah contained a land that seemed almost untouched by humans except for the winding road that led me up over crags of rocks and down through random forests. One of my favorite stops in Utah was the Flaming Gorge Dam, which was both beautiful and fascinating. I learned that some of the species of fish had died out when the Dam was first established but that they were working on re-introducing them. Though dams are a mixed combination of good and bad for the environment, I couldn’t help but feel stunned by the beauty of the Flaming Gorge Dam, and grateful that I was able to stop by for a little while.


The Flaming Gorge Dam from an overlook!

Utah was only a few hours of my day, but I did promise that I would return soon. I continued on, and found myself in Wyoming for a very long time. Luckily, I gassed up before I ended up on a road with no working gas stations for miles and miles. There were some very small towns that I passed through with old fashioned pumps that were no longer in service. I wondered what they were like when self-service wasn’t commonly accept in the U.S. These small towns were soon left behind, however, and I ended up in my very first ever National Park, the Grand Teton National Park. I was amazed at how beautiful the mountains were. The Grand Teton Mountain Range was truly an experience for anyone, let alone a Texan who was used to flat or else rolling hills. I was only able to stay at the Grant Teton National Park for a few days. It was in the quiet of these mountains that I felt, quite suddenly, very proud of my company and what we are working to accomplish. Fresh, clean air is something no one should be without. Conserving our resources and protecting our Earth should be the goal of everyone, not just particular green companies like Victory Blue. Victory Blue’s production and distribution of diesel exhaust fluid is part of helping to clean up, which made me part of the Environmental Movement. And I was very proud of that.


2013-06-30 13.07.11

The Grand Teton Mountain Range

My few days at Grand Teton ended too soon, and I was back on the road. I drove through Yellowstone, stopped to see Old Faithful and a few of the incredible pools, and then continued on to Montana. The first place I pulled into for gas in Montana was a travel center, and I found (to my astonishment) that even this far north there was plenty of DEF available! In fact, there were three dedicated lanes for it! When I went into the store, I talked with one trucker about the availability of DEF. He explained that he didn’t have it on his rig quite yet, but that the company he worked for was going to switch over very soon. He was very amused that I had no idea how far DEF stretched, since he saw it all the time. He promised me that, “Pretty soon, every truck stop will have it.” Wishing him good luck, I continued on my way feeling extremely pleased.


Lanes specifically for DEF even in the very far North!

Lanes specifically for DEF even in the very far North!

Montana, I think, is the secret of the United States. It was absolutely gorgeous and I was so excited to arrive at Glacier National Park! While I arrived rather late, I did get to see my first ever bear sighting! I was driving along through Glacier, enjoying the beautiful, crystal clear lakes and the incredible Going-to-the-Sun Road and then I drove up to Many Glacier, which is an upper portion of the park. On my way out of Many Glacier, I saw a bunch of cars pulled over to the side. Sticking my head out of the window, I looked up at the hill where everyone had their cameras pointed and there I saw them, crawling and rolling around trying to munch on some roots on the side of the hill! I don’t know about you, but in Texas we only have bears in zoos, so it was completely crazy for me to see a real, live bear a mere 5 yards from me!


Bears, oh my!

Bears, oh my!

My adventure continues and concludes next time, so be sure to stay updated! In the meantime, make sure you check out our DEF products! If you have any questions, whether about my adventure or about DEF, feel free to contact us!