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What It Means to Be API Certified

The American Petroleum Institute (API) operates a voluntary program called the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Program that is designed to both certify and monitor the quality of diesel exhaust fluid used in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in diesel engines. This program has become an extremely important part of the DEF industry, and the license to display the API Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Mark has become the standard for quality assurance within the DEF market.


How to get the API Mark                            

Being API certified means that the diesel exhaust fluid producer must go through several different requirements for physical and chemical properties, documentation, and verification of bench test performance, conformance, and enforcement procedures, fees, trace codes, application procedures, and licensing requirements. By completing these procedures, the DEF producer will be able to apply for the right to use the API Mark. The license application requires all applicants to certify that their DEF meets ISO 22241 standards. The license is only valid for one year as long as all program requirements are continuously met; however, annual renewals are issued when all renewal steps are completed.

What the Mark Means

Valid API licenses allow the DEF producer to use the API DEF Certification Mark on their licensed DEF brands, which shows that the DEF producer has undergone several different tests and procedures to prove that their product has met and continues to meet ISO 22241 Parts 1, 2, and 3. The use of the API mark means that the DEF producer is API certified, which means they’ve provided information about the physical and chemical properties of their DEF and that it meets national standards.

How It’s Enforced

Being API certified shows the customer that the DEF producer has undergone several trials in order to prove that their product meets the ISO 22241 standards. Because of this, the American Petroleum Institute has created the API’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid Aftermarket Audit Program (DEFAMAP) to monitor, enforce, and ensure compliance with the API DEF Certification Program. While being API certified is voluntary, the program depends upon the DEF producers to adhere to industry specifications and the terms of the API licensing agreements. Therefore, it is important to monitor the companies that display the API certified mark in order to make sure that they are accurately representing themselves and their product.

The Audit Program attempts to secure samples of diesel exhaust fluid from brands that are known to be API certified. These samples are analyzed to make sure the brand is in compliance with ISO 22241. Additionally, any brand known to claim that they are API certified are tested. If a DEF producer is found to be in violation of the API certified program, then API will either try to work with them to evaluate the problem and take corrective action, or API will take action to ensure that the DEF producer is no longer seen as API certified.

Victory Blue is API certified and has been since the establishment of the brand. Victory Blue is extremely careful to maintain the quality of the DEF, keeping an amount of each batch for testing. See more about Victory Blue’s commitment to quality here, and please contact us with any questions!