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Why You Should Purchase a Diesel

At some point, almost everyone has to buy a car. There are several things to consider before purchasing, like fuel efficiency, cost, brand, style, safety ratings, etc. It’s difficult to know which car to get to perfectly suit your needs. Understanding what you need from a car is an important first step before analyzing which car to purchase. It’s also important to remember that you have many options available, including diesel cars. More manufacturers are offering diesel now than ever before, and even more are on their way. There’s a lot to consider before purchasing a car, but you should read on to discover why you should buy a diesel.

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Performance + High Gas Mileage

One of the main reasons that people have wanted to purchase diesels in the past is due to their ability to out-perform regular petroleum cars. Diesels have higher horsepower, which means that they are more likely to perform better for their drive than gas-powered vehicles. Also, they become increasingly popular in the past decade, which has made manufacturers like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and pickup manufacturers like Ram and Dodge to create lines specifically for efficient, clean, and powerful diesel engines.

Most of the lines created by these and other manufacturers combine high gas mileage and incredible performance abilities. Most passenger car lines have an extremely high EPA highway mpg rating, within the range of 36-42. Additionally, the EPA estimates are conservative, which means that these vehicles can get even higher mileage than estimated! The current average of most diesel vehicles currently is 44.6mpg. That’s extremely high. The torque and horsepower of these vehicles do not detract from the fuel efficiency, nor do they hinder their ability to be extremely clean and green.


Diesels have been branded with a bad reputation from past models. Older versions definitely had several issues, including emitting several pollutants, being very noisy, and being extremely slow. The diesels of the past are most assuredly gone. Modern diesels no longer sound like they are falling apart. Also, most modern diesels are equipped with SCR technology and particulate filters to reduce emissions. Lastly, modern diesels are certainly not slow.


It is true that diesel vehicles tend to cost more than gasoline vehicles. There is a reason behind this, however. Diesel cars are much more powerful, are faster, have better fuel economy, and have a better ride. Diesels sell you not only on performance, but also on the ability to go several hundred miles before refilling again rather than a couple of hundred miles. Modern diesel cars have made several improvements over past diesel cars, but these improvements do add on to the overall price of diesel vehicles. However, owners are likely to spend $10,000 less over five years on diesel vehicles than they are on gas-powered vehicles. Almost half of those savings are from fuel economy.


Diesels don’t have an ignition system nor anything involved with running the ignitions systems in gas-powered vehicles. Diesel engines are entirely mechanical, which means they don’t require any sensors or electronics to run. This means that there are less things to break within the engine, and therefore means less time spent in the garage and more time spent on the road. Additionally, since diesels have increased horsepower and torque over gas cars, engineers make sure that the engine blogs, bearings, crankshafts, rods, and pistons are stronger and therefore less likely to wear out quickly.

Overall, diesel cars provide a fantastic drive, great performance, extremely high gas mileage, and are very durable. If you spend a lot of time driving, and most of your driving is on the highway, then purchasing a diesel will lower your fuel bills. Additionally, if you want a car that provides you with a lot of power, a diesel car is perfect for performance as well. Lately, diesel has become tied to luxury since the ride is so quiet and smooth. Consider getting a diesel car today!